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New York Times

"Martinson…manages hair-raising technical difficulties with easy assurance; he has a good ear for proportion, tempo and linear movement, and he demonstrates a precocious confidence in his own interpretive ideas."

Los Angeles Times

“Martinson gave casual and easy utterance to even the most involved passage work.  The big, sweeping tunes reached their peaks naturally…and along the way he found room for sensitive, pointed shading….crisply emphasizing melody in scampering virtuoso formulations.  In short, a pianist with fingers and a personality.”

Le Monde (Paris)

“Sparkling, penetrating, passionate, poised, his pleasure in playing was palpable, and his poetry endless.”

Corriere Della Sera (Rome)

“Amusing and capricious…passionate, pungent, always supremely musical.”

Santa Barbara News-Press

“Brilliantly sensitive….aristocratic, refined, elegantly lyrical.  Expressive and nuanced in all the touchingly personal passages, empirical, tidy, never too emphatic….capable of tremendous pianistic feats of strength.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Crystal-clear articulation, a sense of structure and absolute technical accuracy.”

Desert Weekly

“I could hardly believe his performance….perfect grace, ease and pianistic style.”

Ventura County Star

“A cool breeze of artistic relief….a blazing display of skill….coupled with passion and insight.”

Irvine World News

“Martinson…created such powerfully intense moments from even the most fragmentary of phrases, one could hear the tortured, angst-riddled thoughts and feelings of ….Rachmaninov.”

“A virtuosic tour de force that did not ignore the …pensive, lushly lyrical portions…which he infused with a longing melancholy and even a delicate wistfulness.”

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